the hollywood approach

A gusty guide that show you

how to apply the principles of hollywood screen life to real life in order to accomplish your goal and achieve your wildest dreams.


Struggling to build a website that looks epic, unique & reflects who you are at your essence Banging your head against the wall trying to get all the technical stuff WORKING SEAMLESSLY?, Trying to figure out how to get a WEBSITE up that YOU love and not only your designer, Looking for a way to COLLECT email addresses & start putting yourself out there.


We build your online store using a flexible, modular platform that allows
A solid brand strategy, logo and guidelines help you to get You recognized.
Custom programming for most complex functions you can think. Pork chop pork belly hamburger prosciutto, fatback andouille flank.


When a website is deployed, anything can happen: broken links, difficult navigation, web security, and many other potential risks. A careful testing process is key to reducing these risks and maintaining web quality.

Kristina Paider is an International Author, Screen-writer and Speaker. She owns a company named the Hollywood Approach, is a platform that leverages the art and neuroscience of story to help people accelerate results in their business and life.
Kristina recently finished writing a fantastic book named “The Hollywood Approach”. She wanted to attract a wider audience for her book, so we have helped her by giving her a visually appealing website which reflects her personality and brand. Now, she has 200% more visitors than earlier.



KP’s executive track record includes overseeing the marketing and research for a $10 billion global hotel advisory company and prior to that, two hotel tech companies, all while moonlighting as a screenwriter. Her crime-thriller script is in the works. Her book is out. She travels by motorcycle, jumps into waterfalls and is a guest chocolate chef.

While re-desiging, we have created our own small design system which consists of Colors, Font, UI Elements and Components. This makes the development process easier and faster.




Avant Grade

UI Eelements


Avant Grade

Avant Grade font is the serif font which is designed by Christian. It changed the architect work. It is best to use in book covers, text and display styles.

Work Sans is a typeface family based loosely on early Grotesques. We have used this font because it is quite popular and have more than 12 styles available. It was also pairing with other fonts very well.


Our professional team of software developers, implementation engineers, technical writers, instructional designers, information architects, editors, technical illustrators, and project managers know the ins and outs of designing and implementing content management solutions and developing technical content for your products, processes, and software.


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